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Japanese Universities with the Most International Students

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The following bar graph shows the Japanese universities with the most international students.

Bar graph of Japanese Universities by international student count; each labeled as national or private

Source: PDF from JASSO

Some of the most famous and respected universities in Japan—Waseda University, University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, etc.—rank very high in this list. However, this doesn’t seem unique to Japan, with many of the top universities in the United States having a large number of international students as well.

There were 82 national universities, 91 public universities, and 592 private universities as of 20201.

This means that only about 10% of the universities in Japan are national universities, but 11 out of the 30 universities with the most international students are national universities.

If we look at the location of these universities, we can see that universities with the most international students are generally either national universities across Japan, or private universities in areas with large populations such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka2.

Map of universities with the most international students; labeled by national or private

Coordinates from Wikipedia

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R: ggplot2, leaflet


1: These numbers might be slightly different depending on the definition used.

2: This map uses coordinates from Wikipedia for each university, so some of these universities may have a campus in other parts of the country.